Backyard bars are on the rise. Here’s how to create your own!

Here’s how to create a backyard bar in 5 easy steps.

1. First things first: Create Space

First up, you’ll need a space to house your bar supplies & serve drinks from.

  • A side entry door
  • Deck/Verandah for shade + seating
  • Large sliding window for serving
  • Small sliding window (opposite the serving window, for cross-ventilation).
A Garden Room is the first step to your Backyard Bar. Made-to-order in a few weeks. Delivered & built for you in one day.

2. Add a bench

Simply attach a plank of wood with some brackets underneath your sliding window, and you’ve got a serving bench for all those special cocktails you surprise your friends with.

TIP: is a great place to find qualified local tradies in your area

A bench is a must for your backyard bar. Source: Pinterest.

3. Add bar stools/seating

Once your bench is in, hunt down some stylish stools to sit at your bar window.

TIP: Temple & Webster and Freedom have some great outdoor furniture options.

Make sure you check measurements before purchasing, as you want the stools to suit the height of your bench.

Make a statement with brightly coloured bar stools. Image via

4. Fit out the inside of your bar

Start by deciding what style you’re going for inside your bar.

TIP: Create a Backyard Bar Pinboard. This will help you bring your ideas together and stick to your colour scheme. You can also add products to your board as you find them, for example bar stools, a bar cart, paint colours etc. #yeswelovepinterest #addicted

Bright, White & Stylish | Inspiration for an elegant Backyard Bar

5. Finishing Touches

Once your Bar is fitted out inside and out, its time to add the finishing touches.

This garden room was painted in similar colours to the house, making it look like a natural extension of the home. | Melwood Garden Room in North Sydney
Add a little magic to your backyard bar with string lights. Image via Pinterest.

See one in person:

We’ve got a backyard bar on display at our Drummoyne Display Centre.



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